Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Would you rather be playing games at your desk right now instead of doing work?

Yup. Support the Animal Rescue League of Boston and maybe score yourself an iPad too. and $100 worth of apps to make you "more productive". Sounds like a deal to me.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Merlin's gonna cast a spell on you!

Thank you for giving me a name everybody!

Help us name this cat!

The Animal Rescue League of Boston has saved so many animals that we've used up all the names. We've even cheated occasionally and used names twice. This can't go on. Help us out by making a donation through my crowdrise page up at the right and suggest a name, we'll pick the best one at the end of the day today.

So sad. The end of the list, what are we to do?

Poor A231619, wondering why he doesn't have a cute name like all
the other pets.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Running in NYC!

I was not looking forward to this one bit. We were going to visit some friends in New York this weekend and I was going to have to do a 16 mile run while I was there. It gets really annoying when you get mixed up and have to back track all the time on a long run or bike ride because you don't know the area. I was totally wrong. You just run one way as the numbers get smaller, then run the other way as they get bigger! Couldn't be easier. There were tons of parks and paths too. It was a great place to run. It would've been nice to run in Central Park but we were staying in the Bronx, and I really like running out the front door and back in without having to drive someplace. It was a great way to see the city in a different way.

Neenah WI representin' in Central Park.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Home for the holidays

The conversation typically goes like this. Where you from? Wisconsin. Where in Wisconsin? Ugh. Neenah. Oh. Is that by Madison? No, it's not by anywhere. Oh. Huh.

Now we have this crazy POWER-EAGLE. Maybe now people will know where we are. I don't know why we have it, or who payed for it, but it's right by the highway, staring towards the off ramp, so I'm assuming it's to scare off would-be invaders. That's right buddy, just keep driving.

Also, WE HAVE A MISSILE. Is it one of Saddam's feared SCUD missiles? Perhaps one of Kim Jong Il's wild and feral Taepodong 2's? I dunno. Doesn't matter. We have a missile. The eagle tried to warn you, but you wouldn't listen.

I kid. We're not just all about scary stuff and war. Most of the western worlds manhole covers and sidewalk tree grates are from Neenah. We're the birthplace of Kimberly Clark, and we have a really great pizza. I have no idea why you would ever be here, but if you are, you have to check out Cranky Pat's.

While home for Christmas we were also lucky enough to get a few hours in Milwaukee. Milwaukee rules. It really rules if you love beer. Mostly known for producing like a bazillion bottles of terrible beer, Milwaukee also produces a quite a few bottles of really really good beer.

Definitely check out the Milwaukee Brewing Co. or the Lakefront Brewery.

And Milwaukee has the Bronze Fonz. Beat that.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Getting Tommy out of a tree

This is Tommy. He slipped out the door and was chased up a tree by some other neighborhood cats the day before. Thankfully, it's not a very tall tree and he can't go any higher.

Who's the scariest dog at the shelter???

Is it a pit bull??

Nope. It's not a pit bull. 

Is it a rottweiler?

Nope. It's not a rottweiler.

 He's not so bad as long as you stay away from his toys,
stay away from his bed, don't wake him while he's
sleeping, don't walk a dog past him, don't take
him out of his run, don't put him back in his run, don't
try to take his leash off, and you aren't a girl.
Otherwise he's a real snuggle bug!
Luckily, he ended up at the Animal Rescue League
of Boston where we're happy to work with the pit
bulls, rottweilers, and Mr. Jingles.